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Scrap Metal Recycling in Streatham | D Sullivan Metals Ltd

Scrap metal recycling isn’t the most volatile of industries, chiefly because recycled materials are always in demand, but the market does experience ups and downs and scrap metal prices paid out to Streatham clients can vary from day to day. The task of a good scrap yard or scrap metal merchant is to ensure their clients get every penny they deserve by monitoring key factors, and providing accurate weighing and grading. This is the case whether you visit D Sullivan Metals in the flesh, or arrange scrap metal collection. So what kinds of factors influence scrap metal prices?

Scrap Metal Prices – What Influences them

Metal Type – Different metals have different values in the scrap metal recycling market. One example is copper, which generally more valuable than aluminium, while stainless steel is typically worth more than mild steel. It’s rare however that a scrap yard or scrap metal merchant would find that one supersedes the other, due to a general hierarchy that is unlikely to change barring the most extreme of market factors.

Purity – The purer the metal, the higher its dictated scrap metal prices. This is because the metal can be more easily processed and reused. Purity is determined via grading, and this is aided by specialist equipment that our scrap yard and scrap metal merchant near Streatham has invested in.

Quantity – Another obvious factor is the amount of metal being sold. A scrap yard or scrap metal merchant will typically pay more per pound for larger quantities of metal. Worried about being able to transport your consignment from Streatham over to our Croydon location? Don’t worry. We offer a scrap metal collections to address this concern.

Condition – The condition of what you bring in is also of relevance when it comes to scrap metal recycling. Corrosion, tarnishing, coatings, layers of paint etc. can also shave money off the final scrap metal prices offered. A lot of this is out of your control, but proper storage is recommended where possible for this exact reason.

Location – The location of the scrap yard / scrap metal merchant and cost of transportation (e.g if you request scrap metal collection from a company based far out of the Streatham area) will also play a role in determining the price you get. By choosing a local company like our scrap metal recycling veterans in nearby Croydon, you ensure you don’t sacrifice much due to incurring these kinds of costs.

The Market – What’s hot and what’s not? Where is demand sitting this week? These are vital factors in our industry, and we keep our fingers on the pulse to ensure we know exactly how much our

Scrap metal recycling veterans D Sullivan Metals pay top prices for consignments in the Streatham area. Have scrap to sell? Give us a call to arrange collection on 020 8771 9292.