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We Buy Scrap Metal in Mitcham | D Sullivan Metals Ltd

Copper is one of the most valuable materials bought and sold in the scrap metal recycling industry. This is because it’s infinitely reusable. Scrap yards, like our own scrap metal merchant near Mitcham, welcome clients with scrap copper sourced from construction projects, vehicles, computers and machinery – not to mention wiring and other infrastructural elements. We pay some of the best scrap metal prices around, and even offer a scrap metal collection service if you’re unable to transport it to us yourselves.

Scrap metal prices are influenced by grading. A scrap yard or scrap metal merchants typically have sophisticated equipment on site to make this grading, so that clients get paid a fair sum. D Sullivan Metals is no different, and ensures that Mitcham residents get a generous pay-out for making the effort to play a part in the vital scrap metal recycling industry.

So when you have a consignment prepared, bring it to us or call us to arrange scrap metal collection. We’ll grade and weigh it, then offer payment via BACS, cheque or pre-paid card. If you wish to quickly cash out, you can even make use of our onsite scrap yard cheque agent, charging fees of just 2%.

But for now, more on the grading of copper, this wonderful and readily available scrap metal…

Grade 2 Scrap Copper

Grade 2 copper typically looks dirty. It’s non-alloy solid, piped or wired metal that may be covered in coating, paint or solder. Our Mitcham scrap metal merchants look for around 95% copper in Grade 2 Materials. Wire will be less than a 16th of an inch and stripped of any plastic coating. This is third in the rankings of copper accepted at a scrap yard, but is still a vital unit involved in the scrap metal recycling trade.

Grade 1 Scrap Copper

Bus bars, clippings and segments are all formats of copper that fit within Grade 1 classification. Grade 1 copper wire, less than 16th of an inch thick, can also fetch Grade 1 scrap metal prices. When scrap metal recycling companies like our own near Mitcham grade this form of copper, they look for non-alloy lacking paint/solder/coatings, with a clean appearance. Neither should it show signs of corrosion.

Dry Bright Copper

You’re in luck if you have a consignment of dry bright copper. Your scrap yard or scrap metal merchants of choice will be paying the best scrap metal prices around for this grade! So what are we looking for? It’ll be clean, uncoated, and over a 16th of an inch in diameter. It should be totally free of impurities and tarnishing, so copper pipe is out the question. If you’re in Mitcham and want to order a scrap metal collection for a quantity of dry bright copper, choose our scrap metal recycling veterans and you could be walking away with a big smile on your face!

Searching for reputable scrap metal merchants in the Mitcham area? Give D Sullivan Metals a call on 020 8771 9292.