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A family run business, trading in the Croydon area for over 60 years

The Best Rates for Scrap Metal in Croydon, Crystal Palace, Mitcham and South London | D Sullivan Metals Ltd

Scrap metal prices are constantly fluctuating due to changes in market conditions. By ensuring we’re constantly monitoring these shifts, and by using sophisticated grading and weighing equipment, we ensure clients receive the best possible scrap metal prices for their consignments on the day. This fair approach to scrap metal recycling has made us a popular scrap yard for clients all throughout London and its surrounds, including Beckenham, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Croydon, Mitcham and Streatham.

Our scrap metal merchants purchase the following types of metal:

  • Aluminium
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Steel
  • Zinc

We also purchase non-ferrous metals in all forms, from scrap copper tubes and offcuts, to brass pipes and taps, zinc roof sheets and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Our scrap yard is also equipped to receive alloy wheels, catalytic converters, starter motors, alternators and all other metal car parts. And what’s more, if you’re going to struggle transporting your consignment to our Croydon site, we also offer scrap metal collections in areas including Beckenham, Bromley, Crystal Palace, Mitcham and Streatham.

Another option, if you’re a commercial client, is requesting a roll-on/roll-off bin dropped off at your site. These can be used to stockpile scrap, and when you’re ready for it to be taken away, simply give us a call.

Prompt Payments for Your Scrap Metal

With over six decades spent in the scrap metal recycling industry, there are few scrap metal merchants who’ve been in operation as long as us. There’s no secret to our longevity, we continue to thrive and serve both new and loyal, long-standing clients because we provide quality customer service, and pay top scrap metal prices.

We pay for scrap metal in the following ways:

Instant Cash

  • Onsite cheque cashing
  • 2% fee
  • Two forms of identification required

Fast Bank Transfer

  • No fees applied
  • BACS payment to your bank account within two hours

Pre-Paid Visa Card

  • 1.5% charge
  • Immediate payment on a pre-paid Visa card

Printed Cheque

  • We give you a printed cheque to take away
  • Cheques clear within 3 - 5 days at no charge to you
  • Our own onsite agent can cash cheques at a charge of 2%

Since December 2012, regulations have been in place that make cash payment for scrap metal illegal. Additionally, scrap yards and scrap metal merchants like our own, who serve clients in Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Mitcham and Streatham, require identification before payment can be handed over. Both these rules have been successful in helping make scrap metal recycling a more transparent, above board industry.

Ethical Scrap Metal Recycling

But what happens once you’ve sold your scrap metal? What does a scrap yard do with it? Most scrap metal recycling companies have similar processes. The metal, having been sorted, weighed and graded, is prepared for smelting. If a scrap metal merchant has a furnace on site, then they might melt it down right there and then. Otherwise it’ll need to be transported to an industry partner which has an operational furnace, where it’ll be transformed into blocks that are ready for purchase and use in manufacturing cycles.

We can reassure our Beckenham, Bromley, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Mitcham and Streatham clients that we achieve exceptional recycling rates, and look to maximise the amount of scrap that heads back into production. This keeps raw materials in the ground, reduces the need for new landfill sites, saves energy and reduces emissions. Add all this up and you see why scrap yards and scrap metal merchants have such an essential role to fulfil in the global economy.

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd is a Croydon based scrap metal merchant covering areas including Crystal Palace, Mitcham and wider South London. Contact us on 020 8771 9292.