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Scrap Metal Recycling in Croydon | D Sullivan Metals Ltd

We’re proud to be a part of an industry that is doing good for the environment – the scrap metal recycling industry. And it’s true that every scrap yard, every scrap metal merchant is an essential part of a global trade that keeps raw materials in the ground, and reduces energy usage in primary production. That’s why getting paid impressive scrap metal prices when you pay us a visit, or arrange a scrap metal collection, comes without a guilty conscience – you’re doing your bit too.

A big benefit of scrap metal recycling is protecting environmental beauty. By mining ores to fuel primary production processes, land is dug up and quickly becomes a busy site filled with machines and noise which drive away wildlife. Choosing to make use of your local Croydon scrap yard and scrap metal merchant, helps stop new ore extraction and keeps landscapes in fine shape. Scrap metal recycling is thus a big reason so many sites of extraordinary beauty continue to be that way.

Another draw that should make you even more excited to get paid top scrap metal prices at D Sullivan, is that scrap metal recycling reduces pollution. Not just in the emissions made by the machinery that extracts ore from the ground, but in its transportation from A to B. Less trains and trucks moving materials. When arranging a scrap metal collection or visiting us at our Croydon scrap yard, you’re helping cut back on emissions in a very direct way.

Other Environmental Factors

It should come as no surprise that scrap metal recycling uses considerably less energy than the primary production of metals. As an example, through the recycling of aluminium, one of the most commonly bought and sold materials at any scrap yard or scrap metal merchant, you can create 20 cans with the same energy use to manufacture just one first hand. Another example, and a material that you receive significant scrap metal prices via, is copper. This saves 75% of the energy usage and costs associated with primary production.

Croydon residents, tradesmen and companies arranging scrap metal collections from a local scrap metal merchant also help minimise the emission of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide, and a litany of other greenhouse gases. And with global warming less of a minor issue, and more of an on-going catastrophe, you can see why scrap metal recycling has such a vital role to play.

That’s not to mention landfill, where a lot of metals which don’t enter the scrap metal recycling system end up. Not only are they an eyesore, but they emit serious chemical pollution into air and soil. With over 4,000 littering the UK, by choosing a Croydon scrap yard or scrap metal merchant like our own, you can help keep this number from expanding any further beyond control.

For a full range of scrap metal recycling services, contact our Croydon scrap yard at your earliest convenience on 020 8771 9292.