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A family run business, trading in the Croydon area for over 60 years

Scrap Copper in Mitcham and South London | Fair Payments at our Croydon Scrap Yard

Our scrap yard in Croydon accepts consignments of non-ferrous metal from customers across the South London area, including Mitcham. D. Sullivan Metals Ltd is an established scrap metal recycling company which has operated from its current licensed premises since 1978. The Sullivan family has worked across the capital since the 1960s and we are well known for paying the fairest market rates for scrap copper loads of any size.

We invest heavily into plant and machinery. This helps us to process larger quantities of scrap copper, as do our strong relationships with local metal recycling facilities. All scrap metals play an important role in secondary production for markets here in the UK, and across the world.

Scrap yards process and recycle all copper types, including:

  • Copper Cables and Wires
  • Bright Dry Copper
  • Hard-Drawn Copper
  • Copper Buzz Bars
  • Electro Copper
  • Tanks and Radiators
  • Refining Copper
  • Copper Pipes and Tubes

All scrap copper collected from customers in Croydon, Mitcham and South London is graded into granules, which undergo quality inspections to ensure they meet the high standards demanded by secondary production sectors here in the UK, and by those in the international scrap metal recycling market.

Fair Payments Made for Scrap Copper

With close to 60 years of prior experience and a reputation that inspires confidence in our services, D. Sullivan Metals Ltd uses calibrated electronic scales to ensure customers receive a fair payment by weight. We accept deliveries at our scrap yard or, if you would like to keep roll-on/roll-off bins onsite, we can collect larger consignments directly from you.

We pay for scrap copper in the following ways:

Instant Cash

  • Onsite cheque cashing
  • 2% fee
  • Two forms of ID required

Fast Bank Transfer

  • No fees applied
  • BACS payment to your bank account within two hours

Pre-Paid Visa Card

  • Charge applies of 1.5%
  • Receive immediate payment on a pre-paid Visa card

Printed Cheque

  • We give you a printed cheque to take away
  • Cheques clear within 3 to 5 days at no charge to you
  • Our own onsite agent can cash cheques at a charge of 2%

We require one form of photo ID and one proof of address for you to use our onsite cheque cashing service. Since December 2012, it has been illegal to pay for scrap metal in cash but having an onsite agent available means you can still walk away with money in your pocket if that is what you prefer.

Graded Scrap Copper Recycling

Scrap metal recycling companies recover most type of copper and use advanced facilities to produce graded granules. A strict process guarantees no risk of contamination. Thorough inspection and grading help us to recycle scrap copper and reduce demand for newly produced material. This has a series of key environmental benefits which highlight our credentials as an ethical and forward-thinking scrap yard.

We help in producing the following grades of recycled copper:

  • Bright Copper
  • Tinned Copper
  • 98% Granules
  • 95% Granules

Wherever in South London you happen to be, be it in Croydon or Mitcham, or a little further afield, we’re here to provide you with fair payments for your scrap copper consignments based on market rates which change daily. We monitor these rates as they change so that you always receive the fairest price.

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd is a scrap copper specialist covering Croydon, Mitcham and South London. Call us on 020 8771 9292.