Metal Recycling

Our scrap yard in Croydon uses advanced reclamation facilities to recycle scrap metal ethically, and to help the environment.

Scrap Copper

Get the latest market price for scrap copper. We collect metal and cables, and we promise to pay you the fairest local rates.


Want to learn more about scrap metal recycling? Use this page to find out more about the company and our range of services.

Roll-On/Roll-Off Bins

Keep roll-on/roll-off bins onsite and, once full, make a quick call to our scrap yard. We’ll arrange a prompt collection.

Scrap Yard in Croydon | Covering Mitcham and the South London Area

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd is a family-run metal recycling company that has worked out of the same scrap yard in Croydon since 1978. The Sullivan family has purchased scrap metal in all surrounding London areas, including Mitcham, since the 1940s. With more than 75 years of trade experience behind us, we can offer instant payments at competitive prices. This ensures that our customers come back to use us time and time again.

We buy scrap copper, aluminium, brass, lead, steel and zinc.

You can also cash in on the value of catalytic converters and scrap parts from your car. We even have roll-on/roll-off bins available for you to store scrap metal prior to collection. With this much experience in metal recycling, it should come as no surprise that we have an excellent reputation.


We’ve helped customers to get the best prices for scrap metal by maintaining traditional family values over many decades.

Making Money from Scrap Metal Recycling

You can bring scrap copper, aluminium, brass, lead, steel and zinc to our scrap yard on Farnley Road, or you can keep roll-on/roll-off bins onsite until you need a collection. We are transparent over payments and promise to treat you fairly.

Customers in Croydon, Mitcham and South London can receive a payment for scrap metal recycling in several ways:

Instant Cash

  • Onsite cheque cashing
  • 2% fee
  • Two forms of ID required

Fast Bank Transfer

  • No fees applied
  • BACS payment to your bank account within two hours
  • Charge applies of 1.5%
  • Receive immediate payment on a pre-paid Visa card

Printed Cheque

  • We give you a printed cheque to take away
  • Cheques clear within 3 to 5 days at no charge to you
  • Our own onsite agent can cash cheques at a charge of 2%

We require one form of photo ID and one proof of address for you to use our onsite cheque cashing service.

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd buys the following scrap metals:

  • Bright dry scrap copper wire
  • PVC/VIR copper cable
  • Copper tubing and offcuts
  • Braziery tanks and tubing
  • Brass taps and offcuts
  • Lead and zinc roofing sheet
  • Lead and zinc pipework
  • Aluminium and stainless steel
  • Alloy wheels and car batteries
  • Catalytic converters (POA)
  • Starter motors and alternators
  • All scrap metal types accepted

About D Sullivan Metals Ltd

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd was founded in 1978 but our family has covered London for the best part of a century. What has always set us apart from other scrap yards is our friendly and reliable approach. Our aim is to provide customers with the type of service we like to receive ourselves. Being family-owned and family-run makes it much easier to do this.

Our metal recycling centre offers competitive rates for scrap copper and steel. Our yard has parking available and helpful staff who will help you to unload scrap metal. Benefit from the fastest turnarounds in Croydon, Mitcham and London. If you have our roll-on/roll-off bins onsite, call us when they are full. We promise to make a fast collection and payment.

Our scrap yard uses the latest grading systems so we can always offer you the best prices for catalytic converters, starter motors, alternators, alloy wheels and more.

With calibrated electronic scales for weighing scrap metal, we promise to pay the correct amount for every consignment.

Reasons to choose D. Sullivan Metals Ltd include:

  • Trading from the same scrap yard for more than 40 years
  • Great reputation in Croydon, Mitcham and London
  • Calibrated scales for accurate weighing and payment
  • Competitive rates paid for scrap metal consignments
  • Convenient opening hours with ample parking available
  • Collect scrap copper and steel in roll-on/roll-off bins

You won’t find another metal recycling company in London with the same family values or the same fair approach.

Have scrap metal collected from Croydon, Mitcham or South London, or call our yard on 020 8771 9292 for assistance.


Tel: 020 8771 9292

D Sullivans Metals Ltd,
Unit 3,
76C Farnley Road,
SE25 6NX
Just around the corner from Crystal Palace Football Club.


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