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Roll-On/Roll-Off Bins in Mitcham and South London from our Scrap Yard in Croydon

If you run a business that produces scrap metal, you can cash in on its market value by bringing consignments to our popular scrap yard in Croydon. If your loads are a little too heavy to transport, D. Sullivan Metals Ltd can supply roll-on/roll-off bins for you to store materials until you have enough of them for us to make a collection. We make regular visits to all surrounding South London areas, including Mitcham.

We are a longstanding scrap metal recycling company that has operated out of the same yard in Croydon since 1978, and one which has worked in the capital as a family-owned and family-run business since as far back as the 1940s.

Use us for the following:
  • Handy drop-offs of roll-on/roll-off bins across London
  • Bins supplied in a size to suit your production needs
  • Collections made at times convenient to your business
  • Metals transported to our yard or to licensed facilities

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd promises to treat you fairly. We have scales onsite for weighing your consignments which we calibrate regularly to ensure accuracy. Based on the scrap metals they store in our roll-on/roll-off bins, customers from Croydon, Mitcham and South London can receive a payment by BACS, cheque or pre-paid card based on current market rates.

Unlike other scrap metal recycling companies in the area, we have an agent onsite who will cash cheques for a 2% fee. While it is no longer possible for a scrap yard to pay you in cash, we can still help you to walk away with money in your pocket.

Containers for Scrap Metal Recycling

Our scrap yard can supply you with roll-on/roll-off bins sized to the volume of material your business produces. All bins are easily manoeuvrable and, if you have concerns about scrap metal theft, we can provide you with a container that has a lid. This stops curious minds, and unscrupulous hands, from trying to access any roll-on/roll-off bins kept onsite.

We promise to supply you with our bins without charge so, as well as having access to a remote scrap metal recycling service, you save time and money on having to load vehicles from your own fleet and taking metals to a yard yourself.

Some scrap yards supply metal or plastic containers which do a job, but these are not easy to move across a site.

Roll-on/roll-off bins come in a larger size and have lockable wheels so, as well as having the capacity to store more scrap metal, you have the freedom to move them to different areas of your Croydon, Mitcham or South London site as needed. The lockable lid also keeps out water as well as intruders.

  1. We evaluate your needs to ensure we supply you with the correct size of container for your needs.
  2. Wherever possible, we’ll do our best to provide you with an accurate quotation for expected loads.
  3. D. Sullivan Metals Ltd brings roll-on/roll-off bins to site in the size and the quantity agreed.
  4. Have containers collected on a scheduled basis or call us to arrange a pick-up once your bin is full.
  5. Because we weigh consignments at our scrap yard remotely, we provide drawbridge tickets as evidence.
  6. Our operatives, and those we use at other facilities, will sort and grade your metals for recycling.
  7. After confirming valuations with you, we make a prompt payment by BACS, cheque or pre-paid Visa card.

You won’t find another metal recycling company in the South London area with the same family values as we have here at D. Sullivan Metals Ltd. Roll-on/roll-off bins are just one more way for us to serve customers better, and to treat them well. We very much look forward to helping with your consignments.

Please see our FAQ page for more information on our services.

To have roll-on/roll-off bins delivered to Croydon, Mitcham or South London, call our yard on 020 8771 9292.


Tel: 020 8771 9292

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