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Scrap Metal Recycling in Mitcham | The Main Environmental Benefits

We know that scrap metal recycling is good for the environment but how many of us truly understand everything there is to know about reclaiming scrap copper, steel and other secondary materials? Our scrap yard in Croydon does, and we offer our own ethical brand of service to customers in the Mitcham area. We accept consignments at our yard, or we can supply roll-on/roll-off bins for those with larger quantities of scrap.

D. Sullivan Metals Ltd can collect bins from your Mitcham premises on a scheduled basis, or by request when you have them filled. We accept all non-ferrous scrap metal types.Metal recycling protects the appearance of the environment. To produce metal, we mine metal ore. This comes from land that hasn’t been worked before. By collecting your scrap copper, aluminium, brass, lead, steel and zinc, and scrap metals from cars, we reduce the demand for new materials. Not having to extract metal ore stops the destruction of landscapes.

Drop off consignments to our scrap yard or collect metals in our roll-on/roll-off bins, and you also protect wildlife and the delicate worldwide ecosystems that they live in.

Scrap metal recycling also reduces chemical pollution. If we reduce the demand for metal ore, we cut down on its long-term transportation too. There is less need for mass importation, and less need for trains or trucks to move materials once they arrive in the UK. Mitcham customers should feel proud to work with us because they are playing an incredibly important role in cutting back on fuel use, and the subsequent emissions.

Energy, Greenhouse Gases and Landfill

Did you know that recycling scrap metal uses much less energy than primary production? Aluminium metal recycling, as an example, uses the same amount of energy to produce 20 cans as it does to create a single can from new. Copper is one of the most recyclable materials of all. Putting scrap copper into secondary production saves 75% in energy usage and costs.

Travel from Mitcham with your consignments or collect scrap metal in our roll-on/roll-off bins, and you help our scrap yard to reduce the emission of water vapour, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and similar greenhouse gases.

Global warming is still very much a problem, but scrap metal recycling lessens our impact on the planet and, hopefully, will leave it in a better condition for future generations. With polar ice levels deteriorating at a rate of around 3% every year, reducing our environmental impact can slow down sea level increases and possible rises in temperatures.

Scrap copper, aluminium, brass, lead, steel and zinc recycling also reduces the amount of material sent to landfill sites in the Mitcham and South London areas. Landfill sites contribute to visual and chemical pollution. There are now more than 4,000 sites in the UK alone. Scrap metal recycling is vital for slowing down the growth of global landfill spread.

You can visit our scrap yard in person to drop off metals or you can call to have roll-on/roll-off bins delivered if you produce higher-than-average volumes of unwanted material.

Call our scrap yard on 020 8771 9292. We are scrap metal recycling specialists for the nearby Mitcham area.


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