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Scrap Metal Recycling in Croydon | Welcoming Customers from Mitcham and South London

Did you know that you can recycle scrap metal many times over without changing its physical properties? Steel is recycled more than any other material but our scrap yard in Croydon will accept aluminium, brass, copper, lead and zinc too. We even offer a metal recycling service for scrap car parts. D. Sullivan Metals Ltd makes payments for catalytic converters, starter motors, alternators, alloy wheels and more.

Our work in the surrounding Mitcham and South London areas is motivation to customers in the domestic and commercial sectors, all of whom take advantage of the financial rewards associated with metal recycling, but who also want to play their parts in protecting the global environment.

Use our facilities in Croydon for scrap metal recycling and you preserve natural resources by reducing demand for newly produced materials. This subsequently lowers the need for energy when manufacturing virgin metals. There are fewer harmful gases to worry about, and recycling helps businesses across the world to lower their annual production costs.

Just as importantly, scrap metal recycling creates jobs.

Did you know:
  • 32% of crude steel used in worldwide manufacturing comes from the use of recycled and secondary metals
  • This figure increases further in countries like the USA, where 69% of crude steel comes from recycling
  • Iron and steel are the two most common ferrous and non-ferrous materials used in scrap metal recycling
  • The most recycled container is the aluminium can. Energy saved in production can power a bulb for 4 hours

If you have scrap metal from a domestic project in the Mitcham or Croydon areas, you can bring small consignments directly to our yard for weighing. If you have larger quantities in need of recycling, we can collect from all parts of South London.

All Scrap Metals Recycled

Scrap metal falls into two different categories, ferrous and non-ferrous. A ferrous metal will have elements of carbon. The most common types include carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and wrought iron. Non-ferrous metals include aluminium, brass copper, lead, stainless steel and zinc. There are also precious metals, and these are non-ferrous too. These include gold and silver, and materials like iridium and palladium.

Our scrap yard pays the latest market rates for non-ferrous metals and, after receiving your consignment, we either process it ourselves or take your scrap to licensed premises in the surrounding areas with advanced facilities.

The scrap metal recycling process includes:

  • Collection
  • Sorting
  • Processing
  • Smelting
  • Purification
  • Solidifying

On completion of the process, these materials are transported for distribution to trades and industries both here in the United Kingdom, and around the world. Some metals can be recycled many times over and go through the above process without it causing any physical changes or impurities.

If you produce large quantities of scrap metal and need us to make collections in the Croydon, Mitcham and South London areas, we can supply you with roll-on/roll-off bins for easy storage onsite. All you need to do is call us when the bin is full, and we’ll send out an operative to take it away.

We’ll then replace it with an empty bin.

Scrap metal recycling is our passion, and we aim to be sustainable and ethical in our business.

For scrap metal recycling in Croydon, Mitcham and South London, call our yard on 020 8771 9292.


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