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Scrap Yard and Metal Recycling in Bromley | Uses for Recycled Metals

Recycling metal is a sustainable option which is kinder to the environment than producing new materials. The suitability of metal for recycling means many trades and sectors can make use of recycled metal. You can even make some money by sending scrap for metal recycling – our scrap yard in London buys all non-ferrous scrap metals including scrap copper. But what is recycled metal used for and how can you incorporate it into business operations? Below, we highlight just some uses of recycled metals.

If your business in Bromley or any of the surrounding London areas produces a lot of metal scrap, you may benefit from our roll-on/roll-off bins which make the storage and collection of scrap a breeze.

Recycled Aluminium

Aluminium is strong, flexible and lightweight and is often recycled into the same thing. Main uses for recycled aluminium include:

Construction – Aluminium is the second most used metal in construction, after steel. This type of recycled scrap metal is widely used in window frames, roof systems, swimming pools, bridges and other structures.

Transportation – A popular use our scarp yard sees for recycled aluminium is in the construction of cars, planes, trains, boats, bicycles and motorbikes.  

Food and Drink Packaging – Recycled aluminium is commonly used for drink cans, food tins and foil.

Recycled Copper

Scrap copper is one of the main metals our scrap yard buys from customers in Bromley and the surrounding areas for metal recycling. Many businesses in South London even utilise our roll-on/roll-off bins for convenient storage and collection of waste copper.

Electrics – Recycled copper is an excellent electrical conductor, so is commonly used for wires, circuits, switches and electromagnets.

Household Items –
Copper is a popular material for everyday items and this type of recycled scrap metal can be seen around the home, such as cutlery, doorknobs and other fixtures.

Piping – Plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning pipework can all make use of recycled scrap copper.

Recycled Lead

Another material suitable for metal recycling is lead. Most lead is used in the production of lead batteries, which are always in demand, so it is important we recycle and reuse as much lead as possible.

Scrap yards like D. Sullivan Metals Ltd are key in the recycling process, helping ensure recycled lead is available for use in the following:

To help make recycling metal hassle-free, why not enquire about our roll-on/roll-off bins? We make regular collections in Bromley and across South London.

Please call our scrap yard on 020 8771 9292 for metal recycling in Bromley and South London.


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